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The Evolution of Espresso Machines: (2024) Top Features to Look For

What Features Your Espresso Machine Should Have?

If you are going to buy an espresso machine, knowing the advantages of an espresso machine is very important to obtain the espresso shot you prefer. Some of the features are very important to have in an espresso machine because they will help you get the best extraction of coffee. And some of the features are just luxuries to have coffee in a modern and beautiful way.

In this article, I will talk about the most important features that a coffee maker should have. I will also give a simple explanation of each feature and why it is so important to have an espresso machine. And then I will touch on the less important features. But you may want to know and obtain it because it has features that you may want to have in your coffee maker.

These 5 Coffee Machine Features Are The Most Important

There are six must-have features in an espresso machine. These features will help you get the best espresso extraction. All these features are very important to have, whether you are very beginner or have previous experience in making coffee drinks.

Some of these features can be dispensed with if you have a broad background in the espresso process. I highly recommend that you review it so that you have a complete background and do not make simple mistakes that may cost you more money.

Ever pondered the intricacies behind your favorite espresso shot? It’s more than just beans and water; it’s a symphony of features harmonizing for that perfect brew. Intrigued? Dive deeper and discover the elite coffee makers that redefine excellence.

#1 Temperature Control with PID to Obtain an Optimal Coffee Extraction

The temperature directly affects the quality of the coffee drink. Brewing the coffee at a very low temperature, so the taste of the coffee will be sour and badly extracted. Preparing the coffee at a very high temperature, the extraction will be very bitter.

The recommended water temperature when extracting espresso, for example, is between 88 to 95 degrees Celsius. The best way to read temperature is using PID.

PID is completely different from the heating system. As the heating system often reads the temperature inside the preparation tube, while the PID reads the temperature that comes out of the group head.

Temperature control using PID is one of the most important features needed in espresso machines. If you have extensive experience making espresso then you may not need a PID indicator to know the brewing temperature. But for beginners, it is a very necessary feature, especially if you want to brew espresso at different temperatures.

Achieve an optimal coffee extraction with precise temperature control using PID technology. Discover how this feature elevates your espresso experience, and then delve into our high-quality best stovetop coffee maker recommendations to find the perfect brewer that incorporates this essential element.

#2 Brew Pressure Gauge (9 bars) : To Read the Coffee Extraction Pressure

I’m going to talk about espresso as an example. There are many other coffee drinks that require eye pressure to extract coffee.

Obtaining a pressure of 9 bar is the best way to extract espresso. It is essential and there is no extra way if you want to have an espresso drink. Many coffee makers claim that they extract with the strength of 9 bar pressure, but this is not true in all cases.

If you are experienced, you will be able to know if the machine fails to extract espresso with a pressure of eight to ten bars very easily through taste. If the taste of the espresso is sour, the extraction pressure is less than eight bars, and if the taste of the espresso is bitter, then the extraction pressure is more than ten bars.

The best way to ensure that you always get an eight to ten bar pressure is to have an espresso machine that contains a brew pressure gauge. This indicator will help you read extraction pressure very easily and ensure the highest quality of your coffee drink. Machines that feature the brew pressure gauge usually have a higher price value. Luckily, you can purchase the brew pressure gauge separately and add it to your espresso machine very easily.

When it comes to achieving that perfect espresso shot, the pressure used during the extraction process plays a vital role. The Espresso coffee machine tutorial provides an insightful breakdown of the extraction pressure and its significance in creating an exceptional cup of espresso.

This tutorial can be particularly useful in helping you understand how a brew pressure gauge, often set at 9 bars for ideal extraction, comes into play.

#3 Water level indicator / Water level window

At first glance, this feature might not seem very important, but quite the opposite. Knowing the water level during the brewing process will save you a lot of time. Through the water indicator, you can determine the amount of water that you want in the preparation process, whether the quantity is one cup or several cups.

If you are preparing one cup of espresso, you can calibrate the water level until it is sufficient for one cup or for the amount you want. Thus, preparation time will be greatly reduced.

Some coffee machines come with an electronic indicator to measure the water level, while others come with a window for the water level. Both methods are very feasible for preparing espresso quickly and in an appropriate quantity each time.

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#4 Milk Frother: Enjoy All Espresso Drinks That Need Milk

One of the important features that you must make sure to have in an espresso machine is the ability to make milk froth. The reason is that espresso drinks that need to be added to milk are more prevalent in recent years. It makes no sense to get an espresso maker without a milk froth machine.

Nowadays there are many machines that separately make milk foam. It usually works wonderfully and without problems, but because most of the current espresso machines come pre-made with milk foam, what prevents you from getting it, especially since the prices are very acceptable.

#5 Removable Parts: For Easy Cleaning and Replacing

The coffee maker usually consists of several parts. The more sophisticated the coffee machine is, the more chunks it contains. It is imperative that you get an espresso maker that can be loosened for several reasons. I will mention the two most important reasons:

Ease of cleaning: There are parts of the coffee maker that may be difficult to clean if you cannot completely separate it from the machine, such as the coffee pot, grinding stand, preparation room, coffee filter baskets, etc. When it is completely separated from the espresso machine, you will be able to clean it more easily and quickly.

Ease of changing damaged parts: When any piece of the coffee machine is damaged that cannot be removed, you will have to get rid of the coffee machine completely. You will avoid this problem completely when the parts can be removed and changed easily.

Fun and Easy Coffee Making With These Coffee Machine Features

We mentioned previously the necessary features that you must have in a new coffee maker. Now, we will mention additional features that will make it easier for you to make coffee greatly, but they are not necessary. These features differ according to the taste of each person.

Capacity: The More Cups You Plan to Make, The More Capacity You Need

It is very important to specify the number of cups of coffee that you want to get from a coffee maker. So if you have a large family or want to invite many friends, it is better to choose an espresso machine that offers large capacity. On the contrary, if you want to have a cup or two of coffee, the capacity will not be as important.

Bean Grinder: Fresh Grinding is Always a Good Choice

Having a coffee grinding machine integrated with an espresso machine is a very special option. But this option usually costs more money.

If you want to have a fully automatic, even semi-automatic coffee machine, it will usually come with a built-in coffee grinding machine. However, it is also known for its fully automatic coffee machines that its price is high. Or you may want to get a separate coffee grinding machine which is my preferred choice.

Brew Pause: Watching Espresso Flow After Fourth Cup is Wasting a lot of Your Time

The option to automatically pause coffee making is not necessary if you are making coffee in small quantities. But when you want to make four or five cups, this option would be very cool. It saves you the hassle of monitoring the flow of coffee when making each cup.

Self-Cleaning Capabilities

Make sure to get this feature if your coffee maker has a high capacity. Coffee cleaning is not very easy, it will take your time as well as your effort. This feature will save you this hassle with just one click. Usually this feature is available on higher price machines.

Smart Technology

Who among us does not like high and advanced technology! Every day we are surprised by new amazing inventions. The beautiful thing is that there are many coffee machines that come with a very advanced technology and keep pace with the times.

You will find coffee machines with intermediate technologies, such as the ability to program the number of cups, automatic stopping and timer. But the reality of these techniques has become very normal.

Nowadays, with the tremendous technology revolution, you will find espresso-making machines that can be completely controlled by mobile applications. And also machines that can be controlled by voice. But of course, the more advanced and modern the technology used, the higher its price.

Permanent filter basket

Many of us are accustomed to paper coffee filters. In fact, it is okay, but it takes more time to get rid of it with every cup. And to solve this problem, there is a permanent coffee filter. This filter is usually made of rust-resistant materials and can be easily cleaned and reused in a few seconds.

Some of The Advantages of Espresso Makers that We Have not Covered

At the end of this article I would like to note that the advantages of espresso machines are endless. The reason for this is the multitude of espresso makers. And also the different cultures of drinking coffee from one country to another. I will quickly mention some of the advantages of espresso machines that I did not touch upon, and the reason for that:

Durability: Having an espresso maker made of stainless steel would definitely be a good choice. In fact, when you get an espresso machine, it has the features I mentioned above, it will definitely be of very high quality and last for a long period of time.

Grind size: This is important as the grind size greatly affects the flavor of the espresso drink you want to prepare. But it is often the case that the manufacturers are carefully checked when they combine the grinder with the espresso machine. As it takes great care that this grinder is of high quality, it can grind coffee in different sizes.

Preparation speed: I don’t see brewing speed as an advantage that an espresso maker should have. As making espresso takes the same time, regardless of the different machine.


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