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Guatemala’s Coffee Wonders: 13 Top Tours & Tastings Revealed!

Guatemala is widely known for its vast coffee production and plantation culture. In recent years, Guatemala Coffee Farms and Tours have become increasingly popular among travelers, offering visitors an immersive experience of the region’s history of coffee production and culture.

Guatemala is home to some of the best coffee beans in the world, harvested from its Western Highlands region. On a plantation tour, you can learn all about how this exceptional brew is produced while exploring its vast reserves.

From the Filadelfia Coffee Plantation and Tour to the Chicoj Coffee Tour, this blog post provides an overview of some of the best Guatemala Coffee Farms and Tours available today.

These tours provide visitors with unique opportunities to learn about Guatemalan coffee cultivation methods, taste some of the country’s most famous coffees, and explore some of its most scenic plantations.

Additionally, this post also highlights a few of the coffee-focused cafes located in urban areas like Antigua and Cobán, allowing travelers to get their fix even if they can’t make it out to one of the plantations.

1. Filadelfia Coffee Plantation and Tour

Finca Filadelfia coffee plantation is a unique place to visit. It has been owned by the same family for over 150 years and still produces coffee in the traditional way.

During your visit, you’ll be taken on an unforgettable ten-minute Unimog truck ride through the rows of coffee bushes – quite possibly the most scenic form of transport you’ll ever find!

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn all about coffee production from a knowledgeable guide, who will inform you about the fascinating history and culture of coffee in Guatemala.

An experience at Finca Filadelfia is not only educational but also incredibly rewarding. So next time you’re in La Antigua, hop on board for an unforgettable tour that’s full of surprises!

Experience the allure of coffee culture at its finest. Explore the world’s best coffee estates in Guatemala. Immerse yourself in the journey of coffee from farm to cup. Discover Premier Coffee Farms Worldwide

2. Sip n’ Cycle Coffee and Mountain Bike Tour

Experience coffee production and the Guatemala countryside with a unique 4-5 hour mountain biking tour from Antigua.

Sip n’ Cycle Coffee and Mountain Bike Tour is perfect for all ages – from 10 to 75 – with a maximum of 15 people per group, so it’s not too crowded.

Before the tour, you’ll receive mobile tickets and choose your start time, while an English or Spanish guide will be available to answer any questions.

During the excursion, you’ll wind through picturesque hills and get an intimate look at coffee production first-hand before stopping for lunch with a co-op family who will demonstrate traditional flame roasting and grinding techniques. For only $122.00, Sip n’ Cycle guarantees memories to last a lifetime!

3. ATV Coffee Tour in Antigua

The Antigua ATV Coffee Tour in Antigua, Guatemala offers an unforgettable experience. Climb on board your ATV to take you to a local plantation where you will learn the entire process of making coffee, from seed to mug.

You will also get to visit Cerro de la Cruz, which boasts a spectacular view of the city and surrounding mountains.

Open for travelers aged 9-54, this 3-hour tour allows up to 15 people per group with bilingual English/Spanish guidance from experts.

Furthermore, the tour offers ease and convenience when booking with its mobile ticket availability, free cancellation, alternate payment options, and even the lowest price guarantee. Reserve your place now and experience Antigua in a different light!

4. Atitlán Coffee Tour

An exciting opportunity awaits adventure seekers looking to experience a unique day in Guatemala. Located near the beautiful Lake Atitlán, the Atitlán Coffee Tour provides participants with an overview of coffee farming practices used in this region.

Participants are invited to explore unspoiled lands and explore the modern-day techniques and organic flavors used for cultivation.

An experienced guide will take you through each step of the process, from planting through harvest, using their educational background to provide insight into each activity.

After the tour is completed, participants can enjoy a fresh cup of locally grown and produced coffee to reward themselves for a day well spent!

5. Pacific Coast Coffee Plantation Tours

Experience the wonders of Guatemalan coffee plantations with a half-day excursion to the Pacific Coast.

Visit El Patrocinio Reserve, where visitors can sample some of its papayas, macadamia nuts, and ginger flowers while they admire breathtaking views of the Santiaguito volcano.

A few hours away lies Nueva Alianza’s century-old plantation; take an agricultural tour to witness the amazing variety of macadamia nuts and medicinal plants or a hike up to a hidden waterfall.

Santa Elena offers guests a unique holistic experience with its guided tours around the family-owned plantation, where you’ll get to learn about harvesting coffee, honey, bananas, and coconuts in their natural habitat.

Last but not least, Takalik Mayan Lodge will amaze you with its postcard views from Chicabal. There simply is no better way to explore Guatemala’s picturesque mountain landscapes while tasting some of the best local coffees this side of Central America!

6. Coffee Plantations Bicycle Tour

If you’re looking for an adventure, take a bicycle tour around Lake Atitlan. Start by taking a boat ride from Panajachel to the remote Mayan village of Tzununa and hop on a bike for an off-road journey through the countryside.

Throughout this unique 6-hour tour lasting tours, you will visit weaving cooperatives, coffee plantations, art galleries, and some of the lake’s best viewpoints.

Not only will you get fitted for your bike and helmet before cycling through San Marcos, San Pablo, San Juan, and San Pedro over 5km of dirt road and a paved road but also make sure to stop at Crystalline Beach to swim or take in the view before boarding a boat back to Panajachel.

With mobile ticketing starting from $111.95, guided by an English-speaking guide, this awesome experience is suitable for ages 13-70 with a max group size of 8!

7. Coban Coffee Tours

There’s no better way to explore Coban and learn more about Guatemalan coffee than by joining an authentic coffee tour.

Expert guides will take you to a century-old coffee plantation during your half-day tour, where you can witness firsthand the production techniques and processes used by Mayan Q’eqchi locals.

Admire the picturesque views on your way there, and if that isn’t enough, take a thrilling canopy ride above the plantations for spectacular views.

Of course, no visit would be complete without sampling some delicious Guatemala coffee, followed by souvenir shopping at local shops before being dropped off back at your hotel lobby in Coban. Join now for an unforgettable experience!

8. Chicoj Coffee Tour

If you’re seeking a unique and experiential way to discover the taste of Guatemalan coffee, then look no further than the Chicoj Coffee Tour in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

From learning about local Q’eqchi farming techniques by sorting, fermenting, washing, and drying the beans near small lagoon with conifer forests filled with coffee berries and cardamom pods, to enjoying a cup of the local brew and zip-lining over the plantation canopy for a better view of its trees

An informative hike around this farm owned by the local government is bound to be an educational and enjoyable experience. Afterward, browse through the handicraft shop for jewelry and coffee-based souvenirs made by hand as a take-home memory to remember your day.

If you’re intrigued by coffee tours, don’t miss exploring the top Brazilian coffee cultivation for a deeper dive into Brazil’s coffee scene.

9. Rural de Café Coffee Tour

Rural de Café Coffee Tour is a unique way for coffee aficionados to explore the production process behind their beloved beverage. Located just a short drive from Antigua, Guatemala,

Visitors can learn about everything that goes into making an amazing cup of coffee, from growing to harvesting and roasting. This experience will provide insight into rural life while also supporting local farmers and other industry experts.

The tour accommodates various age levels (10-100) and language needs (English and Spanish). Plus, groups are kept small with no more than 20 people per group. With tickets starting at $30.00, it’s an enjoyable and economical way to learn more about the world’s favorite drink!

10. City Coffee Shops Tour

If you’ve ever wanted to experience coffee like a barista, then this is your chance! Join us on our Guatemala-based city tour and explore the country’s eight coffee-producing regions.

Visit four of the city’s most popular coffee shops and learn more about the distinct qualities of each one!

On top of that, cross off all the must-see sights on your list during a mini-walking tour around town.

And if want to really feel like one of the locals, you can enjoy a classic Gujarati café experience at Sixth Avenue in the heart of the historic district before getting picked up and taken back to your hotel at the end of this five to six-hour tour.

All for as little as $110.00! This could be your moment to brew up something special that won’t soon be forgotten.

11. Filadelfia Coffee Tour

For coffee connoisseurs, taking the Filadelfia Coffee Tour in Guatemala is an opportunity to learn about the country’s incredible rich coffee culture.

Finca Filadelfia has been growing and processing coffee since 1866, making it one of the oldest establishments in Guatemala’s coffee industry.

This tour follows the production process from planting to cup, including stops at the nursery, wet mill, patio for drying, and dry processing station.

All of this is led by a bilingual guide who explains the methods of cultivation used throughout as visitors observe each step of the journey.

At the end of it all, guests are treated to a tasting session featuring an Americano or espresso coffee made from freshly roasted beans – providing them with an unforgettable experience that will stay with them long after they leave.

12. Coffee & Macadamia Fincas Tour

The Coffee and Macadamia Fincas Tour from La Antigua is the perfect way to explore the beautiful countryside while learning more about Guatemala’s coffee production and sustainable agriculture.

With a private guide, visit a coffee plantation and macadamia nut plantation to see how these high-quality products are grown without damaging the environment.

Not only will you get to sample delicious treats made with coffee beans and nuts, but you’ll also be treated to a lesson in indigenous Mayan music at Casa Kojom.

Hotels provide transportation to start the four-hour journey, making it easy for individuals ages 1-99 (maximum eight per group).

All tours are conducted in either English, Italian, or Spanish. At La Azotea, enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee alongside a discussion on the production process.

Finally, an experimental plantation of Macadamias at Valhalla will round out your experience with these unique nuts.

13. Sacatepéquez Coffee Tour

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience on your next holiday in Guatemala, why not take a coffee tour in Sacatepéquez?

This 6-hour guided trip is great for travelers of all ages, from 13 to 70. You’ll explore the majestic landscape around Lake Atitlan by boat, foot, and bicycle.

During the journey, you can appreciate the unique local culture of Tzununa, visit stunning coffee plantations, meet friendly farmers, and stumble across enchanting art galleries.

The tour’s price starts from $111.95 and includes fitted bikes and helmets as well as an English-speaking guide who will be there to make sure every moment is memorable. Don’t miss out – book now as limited editions are available with just 8 people per group!

Exploring Guatemala’s Rich Coffee Heritage and Puerto Rico’s Unique Coffee Farm Tours!

Discover the world of coffee through two exciting journeys. Embark on an amazing exploration of Guatemala’s thirteen captivating coffee farms, where you’ll learn about the art of coffee cultivation and experience the breathtaking landscapes that give birth to this delicious drink.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there! Venture to the enchanting Puerto Rico, where you can immerse yourself in the heartwarming culture of coffee farm tours. With each sip, you’ll taste the distinct flavors that make Guatemalan and Puerto Rican coffees so special.

Join us for an unforgettable coffee odyssey that spans continents and cultures, all while learning the secrets behind the perfect cup. Are you ready to take the first step on this caffeinated journey? Don’t miss out on our Puerto Rico coffee farm tours guide that promise an experience like no other!


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