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Meet Our Team: Coffee Editorial Staff

The Coffeescan.com editorial staff is comprised of a talented and passionate group of individuals who are dedicated to bringing coffee enthusiasts the latest and most interesting content.

Anthony Mattingly, Matthew Bash, Sophia Austen, Olivia Barker, and Ronald Naughton each bring their unique expertise and perspective to the team.

From their in-depth knowledge of coffee brewing techniques to their insightful reviews of coffee products, their contributions ensure that Coffeescan.com remains a trusted source for all things coffee-related.

Anthony Mattingly

From the coffee-dense streets of Seattle, Anthony reigns as Coffeescan’s Chief Editor. With a blend of Harvard business acumen and deep Barista know-how, he’s a maestro of the bean.

Mornings find him weaving poetry, while his heart beats faster for the drama of the Vacuum Pot brews. This Seattleite isn’t just about caffeine; he’s about the story in every sip.

Matthew Bash

Matthew, our distinguished Senior Editor, was birthed in the artisanal-coffee haven of Portland. Every cup he sips, especially from his ancestral porcelain, tells tales spanning decades.

Educated at Columbia and a certified Q Grader, Matthew has Webby Awards under his belt. On sultry summer days, he loses himself in the refreshing embrace of an Iced Latte.

Sophia Austen

Sophia’s journey, starting from the vibrant streets of San Francisco, led her to chase coffee aromas across 15 nations. A proud Cornell graduate and a certified coffee roaster, she’s an encyclopedia of beans and brews.

For Sophia, the macchiato isn’t just a drink; it’s a dance of espresso and froth, perfectly harmonized.

Olivia Barker

From the dynamic heart of LA, Olivia paints her world as Coffeescan’s Senior Editor. Each coffee stir stick in her vast collection tells tales of cafés from the Seine to the Tiber.

With a Stanford degree illuminating her path, she narrates the history and culture of coffee, finding pure magic in the layered symphony of a cappuccino.

Ronald Naughton

Deep in San Diego’s buzzing coffee scene, Ronald emerges, blending science with passion. He decodes coffee at a molecular level, backed by his education at UC Davis.

For him, tasting coffee is like reading its biography, even discerning the altitude of its origin. When he’s not in his scientific reverie, he indulges in the Affogato’s sweet embrace.

Donald Anderer

Hailing from Denver, Donald, our Senior Coffee Content Writer and Visual Editor, melds mountain roots with coffee artistry. A Rhode Island School of Design graduate, he masterfully uses coffee as his paint, boasting three exhibitions. With a keen eye for visual narrative, his favorite brew is the bold Ristretto.

James Neubauer

From the coffee-infused streets of Austin, James serves as our Senior Coffee Content Writer and Social Media Editor. George Washington University schooled, he’s lauded for both event planning and coffee chemistry prowess. His dedication is best tasted in a harmonious Cortado.

Isidora Suarez

Born in Cleveland, Isidora, our SEO Specialist, crafts celestial coffee tales. A Wharton School graduate, her digital brilliance is matched only by her James Beard-acknowledged creativity. She sees every coffee universe in a French Press cup, cherishing the rich, bold notes.

Sharon Stowell

Emerging from St. Louis’s boutique coffee scene, Sharon, our Video Content Producer, brings coffee academia on wheels. A Chicago Booth graduate, she educates from her mobile café, guiding many with her Turkish Coffee expertise. She’s both an educator and a journeyer in the coffee realm.

Fikru Assefa

From Ethiopia’s Sidamo, Fikru is our Research Editor, a bridge between age-old traditions and modern coffee understanding. Harvard-educated, he revives the Ethiopian coffee ceremony at every chance. For him, a consistent Drip Coffee anchors his late-night musings.

Scott Moretti

Kansas City-bred Scott is Coffeescan’s Senior Coffee Journalist, weaving health, art, and coffee in a tapestry of tales. Johns Hopkins-trained, he dives deep into coffee’s health benefits. Each morning, with the precision of an artist, he crafts a Caffè Americano, capturing both boldness and longevity.

Betty Pritchard

Betty, our Coffee Content Writer from Madison, marries sensory analysis with storytelling. A UC Davis graduate, her coffee prowess led her to the Good Food Awards. Beyond her writings, Betty’s podcast brews conversations over favorite coffee sips. When not penning down, she cherishes the intricacies of a pour-over.

Amanda Marquette

Hailing from Chicago, Amanda’s tattoo mirrors her journey: from bean to cup. A Stanford alum with a penchant for the espresso’s robust charm, she’s not only a writer but a voice in the podcast world. Recognized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, she brews words as intensely as her favorite espresso shot.

Michael Sculley

Michael, our Coffee Journalist, dives deep into machine mechanics while cherishing Cuban Coffee. With a Full Stack Academy degree, his ‘Coffee and Convo’ nights fuse brews with brainstorming. The Catey Awards acknowledge his knack for keeping machines and narratives smooth.

Isabella Ferrara

Isabella’s tales are more than just beans; they’re about bridging gaps, like her bond with a deaf barista through sign language. With a background from Cornell, she spins nostalgic narratives that have garnered her the Saveur Blog Awards. On sun-drenched days, Isabella finds solace in a crisp cold brew.

Dorothy McKinney

Dorothy, influenced by Minneapolis’s cozy coffee culture, combines nutrition with narratives. An alumna of Tufts University, she views Siphon brewing as both art and science. Her tales echo the romance of sailors with their cherished brews, making her voice unique on Coffeescan’s website.

Andrew Georgiadis

Andrew, inspired by New Orleans’s coffee heritage, crafts stories with the elegance of his preferred Chemex brew. A USC graduate with a flair for sustainable coffee practices, he’s also a Culinary Arts expert recognized by the IACP. Andrew’s journey is a blend of discovery, design, and delectable brews.

Zinash Mekonnen

Detroit-native Zinash is an alumna of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and a certified specialist in the Coffee Sustainability Program. Sparked into coffee love in Vienna, she’s a writer, tasting pro, and AeroPress enthusiast. Her home library? All about coffee.

Eduardo Alvarez

Hailing from Antioquia, Colombia, Eduardo combines geography expertise from UCSB with a flair for storytelling. He’s the mind behind a barista-detective novel and an aficionado of Nitro Cold Brew. Each of his recipes is a story waiting to be sipped.

Paul Dimitrov

Nashville-born Paul marries coffee to music. A Cornell graduate in Agricultural Science and certified Coffee Farming Expert, his articles hum with cultural fusion. Whether it’s a coffee festival or a Flat White, he views every cup as a melody.

Mia Lombardi

From Milan’s espresso corners, Mia emerged as Coffeescan’s insightful reviewer. Educated in Anthropology at the University of Chicago and certified as a Green Coffee Buyer, her reviews are a blend of Nepalese brewing techniques and Neapolitan memories. Moka Pot is her nostalgic brew.

Our Commitment to Quality

The Coffeescan.com Editorial Staff is committed to providing accurate and up-to-date coffee information, ensuring quality through stringent editorial guidelines and meticulous quality control processes.

As a trusted source for coffee enthusiasts, our staff understands the importance of delivering reliable and comprehensive content.

To achieve the highest level of accuracy, the editorial team follows strict guidelines. These guidelines outline the research, fact-checking, and editing procedures that each article undergoes.

By adhering to these guidelines, our staff ensures that the information presented is well-researched, reliable, and free from bias.

In addition to the editorial guidelines, Coffeescan.com employs a meticulous quality control process. This process involves multiple layers of review and verification. Each article is carefully reviewed by an editor for clarity, grammar, and accuracy.

Moreover, our staff utilizes a peer-review system, where articles are evaluated by subject-matter experts to ensure the information is well-vetted and trustworthy.

Coffeescan.com understands the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date coffee information to its audience. With the commitment to stringent editorial guidelines and meticulous quality control processes, our editorial staff strives to maintain the highest standard of quality and reliability.

Editorial Philosophy

As the Coffeescan.com Editorial Staff, we prioritize accuracy, credibility, transparency, and reader feedback in our approach to coffee content.

We understand the importance of providing reliable and trustworthy information to our audience. Our team of experienced editors and writers strive to ensure that every article published on our website is thoroughly researched and fact-checked.

We believe in the power of transparency and aim to provide clear and concise information to our readers.

Our articles are written in a language that’s easily understandable to a wide range of coffee enthusiasts. We avoid using jargon or technical terms without proper explanation, making sure that our content is accessible to everyone.

Reader feedback is highly valued at Coffeescan.com. We encourage our audience to engage with our content and share their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. We believe that this feedback helps us improve our content and provide a better reading experience for our audience.

Collaborations and Guest Contributors

Coffeescan.com Editorial Staff partners with industry experts and welcomes guest contributors to enrich our content.

By collaborating with experts in the coffee industry, we ensure that our articles are backed by reliable and up-to-date information. These collaborations allow us to provide our readers with well-researched and accurate content that they can trust.

Additionally, we believe that the contributions of guest writers bring fresh perspectives and insights to our platform. We value the diverse experiences and knowledge that these individuals bring to the table.

Our guest contributors include coffee enthusiasts, baristas, roasters, and other professionals who’ve a deep understanding of the coffee industry.

Their contributions range from in-depth articles on coffee brewing techniques to personal stories and experiences related to coffee. We believe that these diverse perspectives enhance the richness and depth of our content, making it more engaging and informative for our readers.

We actively seek out collaborations and guest contributions to ensure that our content remains dynamic and relevant. We appreciate the expertise and unique voices that our collaborators and guest contributors bring to Coffeescan.com, and we’re committed to providing a platform for their valuable insights and ideas.

Contact Information

To connect with the Coffeescan.com Editorial Staff and share your questions or feedback, please find our contact information at “Contact us” page. We value the thoughts and opinions of our readers and encourage you to reach out to us with any inquiries or suggestions you may have.

For general inquiries or feedback regarding our articles and website content, you can email us at info@coffeescan.com. We strive to respond to all messages in a timely manner and appreciate your patience.

If you have a specific question or comment for a particular member of our editorial team, feel free to reach out to them directly. Here are the contact details for some key members:

  • Anthony Mattingly, Editor-in-Chief: anthony-mattingly@coffeescan.com
  • Matthew Bash, Senior Editor: matthew-bash@coffeescan.com
  • Sophia Austen, Senior Editor: sophia-austen@coffeescan.com

We also welcome guest contributions and collaborations. If you’re an industry expert or have unique insights to share, please contact us at contribute@coffeescan.com. We’re always interested in featuring new voices and perspectives in our articles.

Thank you for your interest in Coffeescan.com. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Join Our Team

The Coffeescan.com Editorial Staff actively seeks new team members and contributors who are interested in potential job openings or guest writer opportunities, while carefully evaluating their qualifications and expertise.

If you have a passion for coffee and a strong writing background, we encourage you to consider joining our team. As a member of our editorial staff, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge and insights with our audience of coffee enthusiasts.

When selecting new team members and contributors, we’ve specific criteria that we look for. First and foremost, we value expertise in the coffee industry. Whether you have years of experience working in coffee shops or you’re a certified coffee taster, we want individuals who’ve a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Additionally, we seek individuals with strong writing skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please send us your resume and a writing sample that demonstrates your knowledge of coffee. We also welcome guest writers who’d like to contribute to our platform. If you have a unique perspective or an interesting coffee-related story to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Together, we can continue to provide valuable information and insights to our readers.

CoffeeScan.com’s Authors Disclaimer

Opinions & Representations: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the authors on CoffeeScan.com belong solely to the individual authors and not necessarily to CoffeeScan.com, its owner(s), affiliates, or advertisers. They do not reflect the official stance or viewpoint of CoffeeScan.com.

Accuracy of Information: While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this “Authors” page (including the biographies, expertise areas, and any other related content) is accurate and up-to-date, there may be instances of inadvertent errors, omissions, or outdated details. CoffeeScan.com makes no guarantees about the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of the information presented.

External Links: Some authors might have linked external profiles, personal blogs, or other platforms. CoffeeScan.com is not responsible for the content, accuracy, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services.

Endorsements: Mentions of specific products, brands, companies, or individuals do not imply any endorsement by CoffeeScan.com. Any views or opinions are those of the authors and do not constitute a representation of the views of CoffeeScan.com.

Liability: CoffeeScan.com, its owner(s), and affiliates will not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information provided on the “Authors” page nor for the availability of this information. Additionally, they will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.

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