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Colombia’s Coffee Gems: 12 Best Farms & Tours to Explore!

Colombia is world-renowned for its coffee, and for good reason. The country produces some of the best-tasting coffee beans in the world, and it’s also home to a number of amazing coffee farms and tours.

These tours offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape while learning more about the process behind producing one of the most beloved drinks in the world.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best coffee farms and tours in Colombia, including La Victoria Coffee Plantation, Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour, Toucan Cafe Coffee Tour, The Recuca Coffee Experience, WakeCup Experience, Bogota Coffee Tour by Andes Ecotours, Finca El Ocaso, Finca Milena, Bogota Specialty Coffee Tour, Travesia Coffee, Finca Don Eduardo, and Catacion Publica Coffee Experiences.

We’ll discuss what each tour has to offer so that you can decide which one might be right for you.

1. La Victoria Coffee Plantation – One of the Biggest and Oldest

La Victoria Coffee Plantation is a truly unique experience located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

This traditional coffee farm stands apart from others due to its antique machinery and harvesting system, which harken back to the era of Queen Victoria. Visitors can explore how their water and machinery work in this ageless setting, experiencing the history of an industry that has been around for centuries.

The tour at La Victoria offers insight into how their beans are harvested and processed. After being picked from their trees, the beans are brought to a traditional 19th-century stone mill where they are soaked, cracked open, and stored in bags by hand.

Then they are washed using natural streams found on the property before they are moved outside to dry in the sun. Once dried, the beans are carefully sorted by hand into three different grades – light roast, medium roast, and dark roast – before being transported off-site for roasting and packaging.

The farm also produces various other products such as honey, sugar cane juice, jams & jellies, chocolate drinks made from cocoa beans grown on site, and even souvenirs featuring La Victoria’s logo. All of these treats can be bought directly from the farm itself.

Overall, La Victoria Coffee Plantation provides a unique glimpse into the origins of Colombian coffee production while offering visitors a hands-on experience with all aspects of the process. From their ancient machinery to locally sourced ingredients used in their various products, it’s an experience like no other!

Embark on a sensory adventure through Colombia’s coffee paradise. Uncover the finest coffee plantations on Earth, where history, flavor, and natural beauty converge. Explore Top Coffee Farms Worldwide

2. Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour – Fun and Informativ

Hacienda Venecia is a breathtaking coffee farm located in the renowned Coffee Region of Colombia, just outside of Manizales. Boasting over 200 hectares of lush landscapes, visitors are welcomed to the main house which serves as an excellent example of traditional Paisa architecture.

The main house offers comfortable accommodation, allowing guests to stay at Hacienda Venecia and explore its surroundings in depth.

Visitors can take part in the Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour where they will be taken on a journey through the region’s most prized coffee plantations and witness first-hand how coffee is grown and harvested.

During the tour, visitors will learn about the traditional practices used in coffee production and discover why this exclusive region produces some of the world’s best coffees.

The tour also highlights the region’s incredible biodiversity; visitors may spot several species of birds, reptiles and other animals endemic to the area while exploring its captivating forests.

After taking a leisurely walk along one of Hacienda Venecia’s coffee trails, guests have time to relax with a freshly brewed cup of local coffee surrounded by beautiful mountainous views.

The Hacienda Venecia Coffee Tour provides an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits this remarkable Colombian estate. From learning about traditional farming practices to admiring its stunning scenery, it is sure to be a truly memorable journey for all those who embark on it!

3. Toucan Cafe Coffee Tour – Authentic Taste of Colombia

If you’re looking to learn more about the vibrant coffee culture of Medellin, the Toucan Cafe, and Tours are the perfect way to do it. Offering a comprehensive array of experiences, they provide everything from coffee tastings at their cafe to barista workshops and tour visits to a local plantation.

At the cafe, visitors can experience traditional Colombian flavors and regional variations. Through guided tastings, customers will learn about the unique characteristics of each type of bean, as well as its origin and regional specialty.

After getting familiar with Colombian coffee flavors, customers can participate in a barista workshop where they can explore methods for making espresso drinks, such as lattes or americanos.

The Toucan Cafe Coffee Tour also includes an excursion to a nearby plantation and processing center. Here, tourists will get a firsthand look at how beans are grown and harvested, before being expertly roasted and packaged for distribution throughout Colombia.

This educational experience will allow visitors an insight into the intricacies of coffee production that they would not be able to find anywhere else.

Overall, Toucan Cafe and Tours offer an unparalleled opportunity for travelers interested in learning more about Colombian coffee culture in Medellin. With tastings and workshops at their cafe, alongside tours around local plantations, this is an ideal way to immerse yourself in one of Colombia’s most integral cultural practices – drinking great coffee!

4. The Recuca Coffee Experience – Fantastic Coffee Culture Tour!

The Recuca coffee experience is a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of Colombian coffee farms. Located near Calarcá and Barcelona, Colombia, the plantation offers entertaining guided tours in both Spanish and English that are informative, interactive, and interesting.

During these tours, visitors will experience first-hand how the world’s best coffee beans are grown.

The journey begins with dressing up in traditional Colombian costumes which will make visitors feel like a part of the local culture. Then they will be taken around the farm to learn about the process of growing, harvesting, and drying the beans.

As they tour through the plantations, they will have an opportunity to shout out “Hola!” as loud as they can while singing traditional Colombian songs. At some point during their journey, visitors may even get to watch a wooden jeep show with faulty brakes!

After learning about all stages of production, visitors will get to enjoy a cup of freshly prepared Colombian coffee made from only selected Recuca beans. This is a perfect way to end an amazing experience full of new knowledge and memories!

The Recuca coffee experience is a unique and immersive way to learn about the culture and coffee production process in Colombia. Visitors are taken on a tour of the farms where they can pick ripe beans, have them sorted into grades, and then receive payment for their hard work in ‘Recuca Pesos’.

In addition to this, visitors get to sample a traditional Colombian drink called “aguapanela” which combines water, unrefined cane sugar, lemon, and lime juice – giving them a true taste of Colombian culture.

The 3-hour tour offered by Recuca usually costs COP$36,000, however for an additional cost of COP$22,000 visitors can also enjoy a traditional lunch prepared by local chefs. Those looking to deepen their understanding of Colombian coffee even further can opt for the 1-hour long tasting demonstration which is available at an additional price of COP$30,000.

By participating in The Recuca Coffee Experience, visitors get a first-hand account of how coffee is produced in Colombia as well as understand more about the local customs and traditions associated with it. From picking beans to sipping aguapanela – it’s a unique opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the coffee culture of Colombia.

5. WakeCup Coffee Tour – Unforgettable Experience

WakeCup Experience Coffee Tour is an immersive experience based in Pijao, Colombia that gives participants a unique insight into Colombian culture. Tour participants spend quality time with local farmers and coffee entrepreneurs, learning about their craft, practices, and techniques and witnessing the production process from start to finish.

The tour begins with a visit to the Finca La Esperanza, a local coffee farm where guests learn about the history and culture of the region and develop an understanding of the entire journey of coffee production – from planting, maintenance, and cultivation to harvesting, processing, roasting, and brewing.

Participants get to explore their surroundings while helping to harvest beans or grind coffee by hand. Later on in the day, they can explore the nearby colonial town of Filandia before rounding off with a tasting at one of Pijao’s famous cafes.

At each stage of the tour guests can enjoy delicious Colombian cuisine made using locally sourced ingredients combined with locally roasted coffee for maximum flavor.

The tour also includes conversations with farmers as well as exploring how local communities can benefit from sustainable agricultural practices.

The WakeCup Experience Coffee Tour offers tourists a unique opportunity to delve deep into Colombian culture while learning how their favorite cup of java is produced from start to finish – making it an unforgettable experience for any coffee lover!

6. Andes Ecotours Coffee Farm Tours

The Bogota Coffee Tour by Andes Ecotours offers an incredibly unique and educational experience. During this one-day tour, travelers will explore the lush and vibrant surroundings of Cerro del Quinini, a renowned coffee-growing region located just a few hours south of the city of Bogota.

This tour provides visitors with a chance to learn all about Colombia’s famous coffee industry from experts.

Visitors will be guided through the various stages of coffee production, from planting and harvesting to roasting and brewing. Along the way, they’ll learn about sustainable practices employed by local farmers to maintain biodiversity and promote environmental protection.

The knowledge shared during this tour is invaluable and helps to give visitors a better understanding of how their daily cup of joe reaches their table!

In addition to learning about coffee production, travelers can also enjoy breathtaking views while making their way through the lush green hillsides which make up the natural geography of Cerro del Quinini.

Guests will be surrounded by nature’s beauty as they stroll through coffee plantations, get up close with exotic birds and animals, admire stunning waterfalls, and relax in hot springs.

The Bogota Coffee Tour by Andes Ecotours is perfect for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience that combines education with adventure. Whether you are planning your next vacation or just want to learn more about coffee production in Colombia – don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

7. Finca El Ocaso – Do This Tour!

Finca El Ocaso is a traditional coffee farm located in Salento, Colombia. It is widely advertised for its comprehensive tour of the entire Colombian coffee growing process. As visitors arrive, they are greeted by a friendly local farmer taking a break under a banana tree, and the location features an inviting red and white colonial farmhouse set amidst lush greenery.

The winding driveway leads up to the entrance of the farm, where visitors can embark on their journey into the world of Colombian coffee production.

For a small fee of $6 per person, participants get to wear a fashionable wicker fanny pack or “coffee picker basket” to deposit their harvested beans as they learn about the process.

During the tour, their knowledgeable guide explains each step of growing, harvesting, and shipping coffee beans in great detail – from selecting ripe fruit off of bushes to drying and bagging the beans for export.

The peak harvesting seasons for Colombian farms are March-June, during which 55% of annual production takes place due to favorable temperature and humidity levels during this period.

Finca El Ocaso specializes in regional varieties such as Colombia Supremo and Colombian Excelso, many international buyers come to purchase these specific types for export.

Overall, this traditional farm provides an eye-opening experience that allows visitors to truly understand how coffee is produced from start to finish – all while enjoying its beautiful scenery!

8. Finca Milena Tour – Better Value

Finca Milena is an exquisite coffee farm situated in the charming town of Jardin, Antioquia department in Colombia. It offers guests the unique opportunity to experience life on a traditional farm while learning about the fascinating process of coffee production.

The farmhouse has been lovingly restored and provides comfortable accommodation as well as authentic Colombian cuisine.

The informative tour of Finca Milena is one of its highlights. Guests can take a guided journey through the working farm, learn about the history and culture of Colombian coffee production, and observe first-hand the entire process from picking to roasting. During their visit, visitors can also take part in other activities such as bird watching, horseback riding, and more.

Finca Milena is not only a place for leisure but also education—it’s an ideal destination for anyone looking to gain an understanding of Colombia’s vibrant cafe culture. With its spectacular scenery, traditional architecture, and welcoming atmosphere, Finca Milena provides an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

As you plan your visit to Finca Milena, don’t miss the chance to explore the comprehensive Complete Espresso Drinks Guide provided by Coffeescan. This guide will enhance your understanding of various espresso drinks, brewing techniques, and the art of enjoying a perfect cup of espresso.

9. Specialty Coffee Tour in Bogota

The Bogota Specialty Coffee Tour is a perfect choice for those seeking to experience Colombia’s independent coffee scene. This tour provides a unique look into the vibrant culture surrounding specialty coffee, with passionate guides and baristas that are eager to share their knowledge and expertise.

The tour begins at one of the many specialty cafes in Bogota known for its fine selection of locally-sourced beans and fresh brews. From there, visitors will be able to take in the rich aromas while they learn about the production process from bean to cup.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, you’ll have an opportunity to deep dive into Colombia’s more intricate coffee culture – from traditional styles of brewing like French press and Aeropress to tasting notes associated with each variety.

With expert assistance, you’ll be able to pick up differences between batches of beans from various regions within Colombia like Huila or Tolima. You can even chat with baristas about their favorite recipes for making cappuccinos or cortados!

The Bogota Specialty Coffee Tour is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that should not be missed by any traveler visiting Colombia. Not only will you gain insight into this fascinating industry but also come away feeling energized after trying out some of the country’s most delicious coffees!

10. Travesia Coffee – Specialty Coffee Experiences

Travesia Coffee is an exceptional specialty coffee company that offers unique tours in Bogota, Colombia. Experienced local experts guide guests through the city’s vibrant coffee culture, giving insight into the history and craft of Colombian coffee.

In La Candelaria and Chapinero neighborhoods, visitors can explore local roasteries and cafes to learn about the intricate processes involved in growing, harvesting, and roasting premium quality coffee beans. The experienced guides provide guests with information on sustainable practices, traditional production methods, and regional varieties of coffee.

At Travesia Coffee, travelers are given a comprehensive introduction to Colombian coffee before they get to visit one of its most renowned regions – The Coffee Region. There, they will gain an understanding of how climate change is impacting the industry while visiting some of the country’s most prestigious plantations to sample their finest products.

Guests will also have the chance to visit local micro-mills where they can observe all aspects of processing from drying to packing. Along the way, visitors can experience first-hand the hard work and dedication put into producing one of Colombia’s most celebrated exports – high-quality specialty coffees!

11. Finca Don Eduardo Coffee Tour

Finca Don Eduardo is a coffee farm located in the small town of Salento, Colombia. Led by Don Eduardo, a local coffee farmer with years of experience, visitors can embark on an informative and immersive tour of the farm.

Don Eduardo passes on traditional knowledge of sustainable farming practices, giving visitors a more authentic experience than found at El Ocaso. The tour includes everything from learning about the different types of beans produced to exploring the plantation itself and tasting freshly-brewed cups of coffee.

Don Eduardo is passionate about not only producing excellent quality coffee beans but also educating others on the history and culture behind Colombian Coffee production. He often incorporates stories and songs into his tour which helps keep his audience engaged during their visit.

As evidenced by numerous positive reviews online, Finca Don Eduardo’s tour has become popular among locals and tourists alike.

At Finca Don Eduardo, individuals get to witness first-hand how Colombian coffee is grown, harvested, and prepared. It offers an intimate look into the world of small-scale farmers and provides insight into how their hard work results in some of the best-tasting coffees in the world.

Visitors leave feeling inspired by Don Eduardo’s passion for sustainability and appreciation for Colombian culture – making it an unforgettable experience!

12. Catacion Publica – A Wonderful Coffee Experience

Catacion Publica Coffee Experiences in Usaquen, Colombia, offer an unparalleled coffee experience. Visitors to the cafe are invited to explore the world of coffee through sensory exploration and engaging workshops.

From introductory tasting sessions that focus on the flavors and aromas of specialty coffees to barista training courses for those wishing to learn more about their craft, Catacion Publica provides a comprehensive range of experiences for those seeking a deeper understanding of coffee.

The cafe’s knowledgeable staff have years of experience in cultivating quality beans from both local and international origins. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with visitors as they guide them through the process from bean to cup.

This includes providing insight into cupping techniques that enable visitors to differentiate between flavor profiles and pick out the nuances of each blend. In addition, their barista training classes provide participants with hands-on instruction in grinding coffee beans, tamping espresso shots, steaming milk, frothing techniques, and much more.

At Catacion Publica Coffee Experiences, the focus is not only on learning but also on having fun while doing so. Visitors can enjoy an array of delicious snacks while they watch demonstrations or take part in interactive workshops that combine education with entertainment.

With plenty of space for groups and events ranging from corporate team-building activities to private tastings and mixology classes, there truly is something for everyone at Catacion Publica Coffee Experiences!

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Similarly, Brazil has its own coffee marvels to explore. Dive into the best coffee farms in Brazil and uncover the magic of Brazilian coffee cultivation.

Imagine exploring lush Colombian coffee farms, learning how beans are grown and harvested, and tasting the finest brews.

Now, picture yourself in Puerto Rico, where you can delve into the heart of coffee production through immersive tours.

These tours let you witness the process from bean to cup, making your taste buds dance with delight.

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Taste of Volcanic Soils: Guatemala vs. Colombia Coffee

In Guatemala, the climate and elevation also play a crucial role in shaping the character of their coffee. The country’s fertile highlands, including the famous Antigua region, are renowned for their coffee cultivation. Guatemala coffee farms tours provide a unique opportunity to witness this process firsthand.

The volcanic soil, coupled with varying microclimates due to the topography, contributes to Guatemala’s distinct coffee flavors. Taking part in coffee plantation excursions allows visitors to explore the journey from bean to cup. You can learn about coffee harvesting experiences and the intricate art of processing, leading to a deeper appreciation for the rich coffee heritage Guatemala has to offer.

Just as in Colombia, the combination of geography and climate in Guatemala shapes a coffee with remarkable taste. From the high-altitude growth that brings out nuanced flavors to the careful processing, every step contributes to the exceptional cup of coffee you’ll savor after a day of exploring Guatemala coffee farm industry tours.


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