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Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel Coffee Grinders: Are There any differences?

Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel Coffee Grinders

Ceramic or Stainless Steel Burr Grinder Compare: Which is the Best?

Still there are thousands of people living in all over the world who love nothing more than a hot delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee right in the morning. This affair between mankind and fresh coffee has induced coffee beans grinders to become extremely imperative commodities. Instead of pre ground coffee beans which can rapidly get decayed, coffee beans which can freshly brewed after a quick grind in order to provide the great texture, taste and aroma of classic coffee.

Ceramic coffee grinder and stain steel coffee grinder are capable of grinding coffee beans to the precise liking of its users just about every time. Ceramic and stain steel coffee grinders both have some advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I am going to highlight the important feature add to your cup of coffee by ceramic or stain steel coffee grinder.

Also, at the end of this article I will add a table of stain steel and ceramic coffee grinder pros and cons and which one to choose for your coffee needs.

Ceramic and stain steel coffee grinders does not really require maintenances on a frequent basis. Additionally, paramount coffee grinders can also have several characteristics that reduce overall grinding time, extend its life span and grind beans consistently to the right texture.

Ceramic Coffee Grinders

For years the ceramic coffee grinder went from being a curious innovation, to become a latent reality. More and more manufacturers use them, and they are assembled by more coffee machines (both grinders and coffee makers). If you are curious to know what a ceramic coffee grinder is? , and what differences it presents compared to stainless steel ones, pay attention to the following article because I am going to explain it to you in detail.

From the outset, we can establish two types of ceramic coffee grinders:

  • Those that are already integrated into a coffee maker.
  • And the ceramic grinders themselves, which you can use independently.

When I talk about ceramic coffee grinders, I am referring not to their body but to the grinding mechanism: the grinding wheels. It is, therefore, a coffee grinder with ceramic grinding wheels. The advantages of mounting grinding wheels of this type, compared to traditional steel ones, I will cover it later section of this page.

Blade grinders are totally excluded, since these are still being made of steel to date. We are talking only about grinding wheels (that is, those that grind, not those that crush or destroy the grain).

Advantages of Ceramic Coffee Grinder

These are the main advantages of coffee grinders with ceramic grinding wheels compared to those that mount steel grinding wheels:

  • It will not receive heat during work, keep the original taste of coffee beans, and ensure long durability and quality coffee bean grinding results.
  • Ceramic grinding wheels are less sensitive to the high temperatures that are generated inside the grinding mechanism, due to the continuous friction with the materials to be ground.
  • Consequently, the risk of them transmitting that unpleasant “burning aroma” to the grains is much lower than with steel wheels.
  • In the case of electric mills, ceramic wheels allow the rotor to turn faster (more revolutions per minute), because they will take much longer to heat up.
  • They are less sensitive to erosion and wear off. Steel, if it gets too hot, can deteriorate faster.
  • Another advantage that we appreciate to a greater extent in electric ceramic grinders: the grinding wheels are quieter when working.
  • They are known to be less noisy than steel grinders and above all are hard-wearing and therefore extremely reliable: the grinding will always be homogeneous.
  • The ceramic does not overheat so it will not heat your bean, which will allow you to retain all the aromas of your coffee.

Ceramic grinders are more expensive in terms of cost than steel grinders because they feature more complex technology.

Only problem: ceramics can…. break! Unlike the steel mill. If a small pebble has slipped into your favorite coffee grinder (which is increasingly rare these days, but you never know 😉 the ceramic grinding wheels may break.

Stain Steel Coffee Grinder

The most common grinder is the one designed with steel grinding wheels. De’Longhi, as an example, equips most their coffee grinders in this way.

Steel grinding wheels are unbreakable. They are only subject to wear off, and your coffee machine repairer will know how to change them without any problem.

A small downside, however: noise emissions. Even though coffee grinder’s manufacturers seek to soundproof their appliances, the steel grinder will still be noisier than the ceramic one. Another small defect of steel: its tendency to heat up over successive preparations, which can alter the taste qualities of your favorite coffee beans.

Advantages of Stain Steel Coffee Grinder

  • Generally cheaper to manufacture and therefore cheaper in terms of the cost.
  • More forgiving if there is a small stone or unwanted item in the mix. Of course, it may damage the coffee bean, it will not make the coffee grinder undamaged but it may still work.
  • Coffee shop experts recommend coffee grinders that use only steel grinding wheels in their production.

The useful life of the stain steel grinder is half that of ceramic ones, although they are easier and cheaper to replace.

Ceramic and Stain Steel: Pros and Cons

A quality grinder can have grinding wheels made of both ceramic and steel. Both can be found in cheaper and more expensive models, and you can have either one, the other, or both. None are better, but they offer different qualities for different coffee tastes. I made the table below to quickly and deeply have a look at both ceramic grinders and stain steel grinders advantages and disadvantages.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder


  • Protect coffee beans of overheating. 
  • Durable for long time.
  • Deliver strong coffee taste.
  • Less noise.


  • Price is usually expensive.
  • Slower.
  • Breakable.

Stain Steel Coffee Grinder


  • Very fast.
  • Used by many manufactures.
  • Recommended for first time users.
  • Cheaper.
  • Hard to break.


  • Must be cleaned after and before each use.
  • Wear out fast and needed to be replaced.

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