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  • What is Fermented Coffee? (And Should You Be Brewing It?)

    Are you familiar with the unique, earthy taste of fermented coffee? This beverage is quickly gaining popularity among savvy coffee-lovers because it’s incredibly flavorful and healthy. But what exactly is fermented coffee, how does it differ from regular brewed java, and why should you incorporate it into your daily ritual? This type of coffee is […]

  • 10 Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee For Our Health

    Do you love the taste of coffee but can’t stand the acidic aftertaste? If so, cold brew coffee might be for you! Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, usually 12 hours or more. This brewing method results in a less acidic cup of coffee […]

  • It Is Safe to Eat Coffee Beans After Knowing These Facts

    It Is Safe to Eat Coffee Beans After Knowing These Facts

    Eating Coffee Beans Has Been Around Since Ancient Times Maybe you recently saw someone eating coffee beans. It is very common lately. Some roast coffee beans, dip them in chocolate, and then eat them. You may find someone who eats it directly green. Some use this method to get caffeine quickly and strangely at the […]

  • Does Coffee Go Bad?

    Does Coffee Go Bad?

    Should You Drink Bad Coffee? When I come back from a long business trip or have been away from home for a long time, I am usually very tired and exhausted. Then my eyes come to the coffee pod, which is tightly closed, and I think of taking a cup of coffee. But it immediately […]