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Growing Coffee Beans at Home: A Step-by-Step tutorial

Grow Your Own Coffee Beans

You Can Grow Your Own Coffee Beans in North America

Although North America is not the homeland of the coffee plant. But you can grow your own coffee beans, whether in your home or in your garden, if you can provide the appropriate atmosphere for planting coffee beans, especially in the first three months. If you want to grow fresh green coffee seeds, I will provide you with all the information you need to grow this seed successfully. In this article, I will teach you how to grow coffee beans, how to grow them, and how to care for them.

You Can Grow Coffee Beans In A Closed Place Or In An Open Place

Growing coffee beans in your garden or backyard is very possible. This idea will not cost you a lot of money and does not need a long time. When successful, you will enjoy fresh coffee beans every day. Whether you are going to grow it indoors or outdoors, it is a process that takes a lot of time and requires patience.

Before planting coffee beans, you must allocate a place for cultivation. If you want to plant it inside an apartment, for example, you must make sure that the sun’s rays reach the plant. But the sun’s rays should not come into direct contact with the coffee plant, especially in the first months.

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Instructions For Growing Coffee Beans Indoors

Most prefer to grow the coffee plant indoors, because it is easy to control the atmosphere. The reason is that the coffee plant lives in a tropical climate with high humidity. Inside the house, you can to some extent regulate the temperature and moisture that the coffee plant needs.

Instructions For Growing Coffee Beans Outdoors

If you want to grow coffee beans outside the house in an open place, you must make sure that the sun’s rays do not fall directly on the plant, especially in the first six months. Also, you should make sure that the temperature is moderate, especially in the first three months. Also, make sure to moisturize the plant periodically and intensively, especially if you live in dry areas.

It is preferable to plant the coffee plant indoors instead of in the open air. It is difficult for you to control humidity levels, lighting, extreme heat, cold weather, and outdoor cultivation.

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Fresh Green Coffee Beans Are The Best For Cultivation

The ideal way to grow a coffee plant starts with planting fresh coffee beans. This was difficult, especially if you live in a country where coffee is not grown because getting fresh coffee beans would be rather difficult. Currently, you can get fresh coffee beans suitable for cultivation from specialized agricultural shops or by ordering them online.

Make sure to get fresh and freshly harvested green coffee beans. You can get fresh green coffee beans from suppliers of fresh coffee beans or from websites that provide fresh coffee beans at reasonable prices.

Fact: Fresh green coffee beans take from two to three months to grow, while old coffee beans take up to six months to grow.

Wash And Clean The Fresh Coffee Beans Before The Soaking Process

When you get fresh coffee beans, wash and clean them well. Then soak them in water for 24 hours or until you see the seed pulp swell noticeably. Then filter it from the water and dry it in open air dry.

It is preferable to dry them by placing the seeds on a mesh screen so that the grains dry better. When doing the drying process, be sure not to put the grains in direct sunlight. Throughout the drying period, the beans should be moist and soft on the inside and dry on the outside.

Tip: plant a lot of coffee beans at one time because you can get one plant.

Wet Soil Is Suitable For Growing Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are grown in moist soil. Wet soil is very good and suitable for planting fresh coffee beans. If you can get soil with a pH of six or closer, it is very ideal for growing coffee beans. Make sure that the moist soil is not too wet. As the increased moisture in the soil will lead to rotting of the roots, whether the roots of the coffee plant or others.

 The soil should also be loose and not compressed when planting coffee beans in it. When the soil is loose, it allows the roots to grow faster and easier. Over watering the plant with water will lead to soil pressure and thus difficulty in root growth.

 Therefore, you will lightly moisten the planting place from once to twice a day in the summer. In the winter, it is preferable to moisturize once every two days. Watering the coffee plant is preferably using agricultural water sprinkler. Because it spreads water lightly and does not cause pressure on the soil.

The Coffee Plant Takes Three To Four Years To Start Harvesting

Care and patience are the secret to having a wonderful coffee plant in your home. Unlike other plants, the coffee plant takes a long time to get its production. The production of the coffee plant for coffee beans, it takes more than a year to mature. On average, a coffee plant takes three to four years to be ready for harvest.

 When the coffee begins to bloom, it will overwhelm you with a wonderful feeling of happiness. At first, the coffee beans will be green. And it turns from green to red. After a few months, the red color turns dark red. In this period, the coffee beans will be ripe enough to be picked.

Caring For The Coffee Plant Is Easy And Simple

After the coffee plant grows, you must take care of it to help the plant grow properly. The soil must be moistened from time to time. The correct way to moisten the soil is after making sure that the surface of the soil is dry to three centimeters of moisture. Then you can spray it lightly with water to cover the surface of the plant.

 It is always preferable to use agricultural water sprinkler instead of pouring water directly on the plant or on the soil of the plant. Add fertilizer as needed by measuring the pH level of the fertilizer every few months. You can add fertilizer without measuring the pH level almost every month.

The Coffee Plant Produces Up To 4000 Coffee Beans Annually

After the coffee plant blooms and begins production, it produces up to 4000 coffee beans in one year. It is a relatively large amount even if you use coffee on a daily basis. Be prepared to distribute the excess of the coffee crop to relatives and friends. You can also sell the output of your crop if you want.

Coffee Plant Twigs And Leaves May Be Harmful To Children And Pets

Even coffee beans may pose a danger to children because they may lead to suffocation. Eating the twigs or leaves of the coffee plant in large amounts may lead to health problems. Especially if you spray your plants with insecticides from time to time. You can put a thin net around the coffee plant to make sure that children and pets do not reach it.

The Coffee Plant Is Susceptible To Pests And Diseases

The coffee plant must be checked from time to time to ensure that it is free of diseases and pests that may lead to its wilt. The examination process is carried out by observing many indicators of the coffee plant itself. Such as the change in the color of the leaves of the plant, yellowing of the leaf color, wilting of the leaves and the presence of spots on the leaves.

One of the most important reasons for yellowing and wilting leaves is the increase in water salinity. You can solve this problem by purchasing a material that treats the soil. Also, you should check the roots of the plant to make sure that it is free of mold. Mold appears clearly on the roots of the coffee plant, the color of the roots turns dark black.

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