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Differences Between Coffee Beans and Espresso Beans

Some people think that espresso is a brand of coffee, or a different type of coffee bean. This is a completely wrong belief. Espresso beans are the same as coffee beans, but they are roasted and ground in a very special and special way. Coffee beans are the basis for making various coffee drinks from espresso, cappuccino, latte, drip coffee, etc.

Thus, there is no fundamental difference between espresso beans and coffee beans. As all coffee beans are either Robusta or Arabica. These beans are roasted and then ground in different degrees and methods so that you can get the coffee drink we want. So the difference is not in the coffee bean, but in the way it is roasted, ground and prepared.

Roasting Espresso Beans Is Different From Roasting Coffee Beans Prepared For Other Coffee Drinks

Espresso beans are coffee beans that have been roasted longer than usual to a darker shade than coffee beans that are roasted to make other coffee drinks.

As a result of roasting the coffee beans for a long time, the acidity in the coffee bean becomes almost non-existent and also helps the coffee bean to extract a lot of its oils. Therefore, you find that the espresso beans are characterized by intense luster.

Coffee beans prepared for other coffee drinks such as regular coffee, drip coffee, etc. They do not require a heavy roasting process or very dark. Mostly you need a light to medium roasting.

They Are Called Espresso Beans Because The Dark Roast Is Only Suitable For Making An Espresso Drink

There are three main shades when roasting coffee beans, which are light, medium and dark. Light and medium roasting degrees are used for most coffee drinks. While dark roast coffee is only used to prepare the espresso drink. Therefore, we find that everyone calls espresso beans for dark coffee beans.

There are more caffeine in regular coffee beans than espresso beans.

Because espresso beans are roasted very darkly, this leads to a greater loss of nutrients. Thus, we find that the amount of caffeine in espresso beans is less than the amount of caffeine found in regular coffee beans. By regular coffee beans, we mean those that are lightly roasted to medium or medium dark. It is a common roast for most other types of coffee.

There is a general rule that says the more roasting, the more intense the flavor, and the lighter the roasting, the more caffeine.

It Is Not Recommended To Use Espresso Beans To Make Other Coffee Drinks

You can use dark to very dark espresso beans to produce various coffee drinks. You will often find that most coffee drinks are made mainly from espresso, such as Americano and cappuccino.

There are types of coffee that are less intense than espresso, like regular coffee. You can use espresso beans to make regular coffee, but the taste will never be the way you want it to.

You cannot use coffee beans prepared for other coffee drinks to make espresso. Because espresso needs a very high roasting degree and a very fine grind. Without these two prerequisites, you will never get an espresso.

Espresso Roasting Is Very Dark Roast

In stores, you will find pods and bags of coffee beans that say espresso roasting. At first glance, you might think that they are espresso beans or a specific brand of coffee beverage. Espresso roasting means that these beans have been roasted to a very high degree and have become dark to very dark.

Grinding Espresso Beans Should Be Fine And Not Burnt, Unlike Other Coffee Beans

To get espresso coffee, you must grind the espresso beans intensively until they become dark. In order to get the optimum grinding of the espresso beans, the grinding output must be very fine. Also, the fine powder should not be burned as a result of the heat resulting from the grinding process.

That is why you always find that espresso makers and grinders are much more expensive.

For other coffee drinks, you do not need high-quality coffee grinders. Most of the time, you can grind the coffee beans to a finer and coarser consistency than espresso.

Preparing An Espresso Cup Requires High Pressure And Advanced Methods Of Preparing Coffee.

There are several ways to prepare a cup of espresso coffee. Each method depends on the type of espresso flavor you desire. You can use different machines such as a coffee drip device, a French press, and so on.

Usually, espresso machines are of high quality and are used only to produce espresso because they produce very high pressure that is not suitable for other coffee drinks.

Other coffee drinks are usually produced with a coffee pot. It is the well-known and most popular method because it is easy, simple and cheap as well.

Table Showing The Differences Between Espresso And Other Coffee Drinks:

  • Dark to very dark.
  • very fine degree.
  • Very high pressure.
  • Same as espresso.
  • Same as espresso.
  • Dilute the espresso with plenty of water.
  • Same as espresso.
  • Same as espresso.
  • One or two shots of espresso and then the adding some milk.
Drip coffee
  • Light to medium roasting.
  • Medium to coarse grinding
  • Using drip coffee machine.

Table Showing The Difference Between Espresso Beans And Regular Coffee Beans:

Espresso BeansRegular Coffee Beans
  • Rich in natural oils.
  • Less quantity of natural oils
  • Intense shine for espresso beans.
  • Less coffee bean shine.
  • mild acidity.
  • Higher acidity.
  • Sharp flavor.
  • Nice flavor.
  • High concentration.
  • Balanced taste.
  • Less caffeine.
  • Higher amount of caffeine.
  • Having espresso cream.
  • No coffee foam.